How can I help?
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Our work is funded solely by donations, so whatever you can give makes a big difference. Your donation helps us fund art therapy programs in hospitals. Further donations can be used to maintain our innovative training programs and professional developments.

Here are some examples of how your donation, however big or small, can help:

€10 could fund a group therapy session for a child who suffers from psychosomatic disorder

€15 could fund new musical instruments into our music therapy sessions

€40 could cover one therapy session for a child staying in a sterile room after stem-cell transplantation

€80 could help pay for a new camera into our outstanding photo school

€3000 could fund a whole year art therapy treatment

How can I donate?

With your one-off donation or through regular donations, you are helping us continue the recovery of children’s smile.

Our bank account: Raiffeisen Bank 12001008-00101932-00100001

Or you can send your donation through our CIB system by clicking here (Sorry, it is only in Hungarian)

For further information please contact:

Csilla Ruman, Fundraising Coordinator
Mobile: +36 30 291 3750

Thank you for your help!

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