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International connections

During our work we aim to develop mutual co-operations with organisations from different countries, whose work in art therapy represent a different point of view and use diverse methods. These programs can help us to broaden our theoretical and practical knowledge in so many ways. We can use the freshly acquired skills to build into our therapeutic sessions, so they can be adapted to any kind of needs and situations. With our international connections, we can open up new doors in our professional development as well as welcoming foreign therapists who wish to explore our methods.

Our main international contacts:

The Norways Regional centres for Child and Adolescent Mental Health – RBUP
In 2008, we have created a mutual co-operation with this institution as a demand of exchanging theoretical and practical approaches, develop new ideas and learn new methods that we can adapt into our everyday work as a therapist. Since then, we are continuously discuss our experiences and maintain the relationship between the two organisations.

Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies (BCAT)
In the summer of 2009, our therapists spent 17 days in Birmingham to broaden their knowledge and skill tools. We participated in workshops where we could experience and learn about different art therapy techniques, such as drama, dance, movement, music and play.

Danish Institute for Study Abroad – Positive Psychology
In this continuous collaboration, our Danish partner institution brings exceptional American university students in order to learn about our Hungarian art therapy techniques and health care system.

Our therapists experiences:

It was very important for me to gain new skills and experiences that I couldnt get in Hungary. I could meet new people from the profession who helped me to acquire a new and fresh point of view and thinking

It is great to integrate new skills into our therapy sessions that have been tried out before and based on successful experiences. We can use and shape these methods in order to develop them into our cultural and financial environment. This can lead to new possibilities and challenges

During this trip I learned plenty of new methods and gain confidence with the use of old ones. In the future I will use more music therapy techniques in a more effective and efficient way in my group and individual therapies.

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