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In our therapy programs we successfully apply the healing effect of arts, fairy tales and psychology to enhance the process of recovery. There are two specialists on every session, one psychologist and one art-therapist, in order to reinforce the powerful effect of our therapy. Our therapists aim to provide an enjoyable session which enables the children to explore, transform and express their thoughts and feelings regarding to their conditions. We also aim to support family members and help them to find the best ways they can contribute to the rehabilitation of their children.

We have developed various therapy programs to help a wide range of children with chronic disease and difficult life situations. Beside our hospital programs, we are also able to provide help after hospitalisation when children are facing different difficulties than they did in the hospital.

Hospital Art Therapy Programs
Art therapy programs help hospitalised children to identify, explore and transform emotional and psychological difficulties associated with their illnesses by giving them an outlet for creative expression. These programs are available in three hospitals’ departments of major Hungarian cities.

Long-term Art Therapy Programs
Long-term therapy sessions help children to cope with the process of recovery and enable them to reintegrate in their school environment and wider communities. These group therapy programs are using similar art therapy methods as our hospital programs but in a more independent way that suits the children’s need.

Experience Programs
For children, whose physical condition allows, we are organising positive experience programs. These programs create a joyful environment where children and sometimes our partners can spend time together and develop their skills in an enjoyable way.

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